Superhero Birthday Party

Garrett turned 6 back in December, and he wanted to have a superhero party.
I'd browsed the internet for weeks looking for ideas for his party, and I'd seen Pin the Emblem/Cape on the Superhero suggested in a couple of places, but couldn't really find any ideas for how to do it.
I considered free-handing the superhero, but I wanted the kids to be able to tell it was a superhero and not just some random blob, so I knew I needed to go a different route.
I googled some different search terms to try and find a good picture to use, and found just what I wanted when I searched for "superhero silhouette." On the second page I found just what I wanted.
Source: Google Images
I was planning on printing the picture on multiple pages and gluing it to posterboard. I had trouble getting the image to print the way I wanted it to, but found through some more searching a website to help that. Block Posters lets you take any image and stretch it as large as you want to make large posters. Perfect for what I needed! I printed it 3 sheets of paper wide, which made it a bit wider and longer than the posterboard, but I was okay with that. It hung over the edges a bit, but it looked fine. 

Then I searched for different superhero emblems and printed a variety for the kids to choose from.

If you look closely at the first picture you'll notice a square of paper under the cluster of emblems. This was so there was a set place for the emblems to be pinned. I should have done this on the computer, because the first one to go used the edges of the square to find where to put his emblem. I did think it was a pretty smart move, but not very challenging. 

We only had 3 kids there (including the birthday boy), so they got to play this twice which they loved. 

Another game we played was "Fly the BatPlane into the BatCave." I made paper airplanes ahead of time and decorated an empty box to look like a cave. They took turns standing behind a line and throwing their plane in, but none of them were very successful, so it became all 3 of them crowded around the box tossing their planes to see who got theirs in 5 times first. They had a lot of fun with it, even though it wasn't very structured.

Between all the games the kids got to "Punch a Villian" 
I made this punching game:
Source: Celebrate the Big & Small via Victoria on Pinterest
but I added villians' faces to each of the circles. The kids loved it! Once all the villians were defeated they had fun tearing it up even more. I forgot all about taking a picture of it until AFTER it was demolished.

Edited to add: 
This was after the party. They had a lot of fun with it, as you can tell.

If you have any other great superhero party ideas be sure to share them. 
There's a pretty good chance Garrett will have a superhero party again next year. Although, he's also asked for a zombie party, so we'll just have to see which way it goes. lol.

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