Comic Book Light Switch Covers

I have no clue where I first got the idea of covering a light switch cover. I know when I was in middle school I covered a couple of different switches in the house with pretty pictures out of flower catalogs. I got the urge to do it again, and this time I wanted something other than flowers. One of the local Dollar Trees gets old comic books occasionally, and I always buy a few. I usually give them to Garrett, but for some reason had a stack of them around that hadn't made it into his hands yet. I flipped through one of them and found a couple of things I liked, and cut them out.

This is something that's not very easy to take pictures for a step-by-step tutorial, because it's pretty self-explanatory.  

Basically, you just cut a piece of whatever you want a little bigger than the light switch cover. Then flip it over and use some mod podge to attach the paper to the switch plate. Since mine had a separate alien guy I also affixed him at this point. After it was stuck on I took my Xacto knife and cut in the rectangle hole in the center. I just needed the paper split enough to fold it back and add some mod podge to hold it down.
Once everything is stuck on good I do a layer of mod podge over the top to really keep it on. Make sure all the edges are folded around to the back and very secure. 
Then, just let it dry really well and do another layer of mod podge to seal it. 

For this Superman one I put on some tissue paper first then added the picture of him. As you can see, the screws stand out, because they're still the boring off white color, but you can paint them in a similar color and they'll look a lot better.

I think these would be great in a little boy's room, but I'm just using them in my living room for now. It's full of other geekery, so this fits in perfectly.

I've got plans to make lots more of these. I love the ability to use any images or pretty paper I can find. I'm imagining all sorts of possibilities.

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