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Since it's the beginning of the year organization is on a lot of people's minds. Because of this I've seen a ton of great pins lately. 

Source: Mom's Crafty Space via Victoria on Pinterest

I'm in love with this crayon organizer. And I never would have guessed what the containers are... small fruit cans! I 'm definitely keeping an eye out for the 50 calorie cans so I can make one of these.

Source: Joyful Homemaking via Victoria on Pinterest
This is one of those things that makes me kick myself for not thinking of it. I always save these little things off bread, but never know what to use them for.
My boyfriend and I are avid gamers. We have all current game systems, a few old ones, and our PC is connected to the TV. Needless to say all the cords behind the TV are a mess. Next time I get back there I'm definitely doing this to keep track of which cord is which.

Source: Then She Made via Victoria on Pinterest

I'm so excited to do this. I don't normally have cans of soda around the house, but I got a case today, and can't wait to empty it out and re-use it. I've got limited pantry space, and am always reorganizing to make things fit perfectly. This is going to be such a big help.

Source: the nest effect on iheart organizing via Victoria on Pinterest

I currently have 5 or 6 magazine subscriptions. So I have huge stacks of magazines all over the place and need something to do with them. I love these magazine holders that can be made out of cereal boxes or old priority mail boxes. 

Source: Apartment 528 via Victoria on Pinterest

When digging through a bunch of old usb cords the other day I remembered this pin. I untangled all the cords and put them each into their own toilet paper roll. This will be such a time saver in the future. (Why is it that no matter how neatly you store cords they all end up knotted together?)
Apartment 528 showed a great way to use velcro and make them adjustable, but I'm too lazy for that, and mine will be just fine in the full tubes. I do love how these are covered. I may do that in the future, but since my cords are just in the attic I'm not too worried about that either.

Anyone else feeling inspired to get up and use some "trash" to get your house in order? I have a whole board on Pinterest just for organization if you're interested. :)

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