Pintastic Lists!

I LOVE LISTS. My boyfriend would probably say I love them a little too much. We've learned to agree to disagree about that, haha!
I make lists before I start any semi-major project, whether that be crafting, cooking a large meal, or cleaning the house. Oftentimes I have rough drafts of lists before making the actual list. Those usually include multiple colors, and different styles all on the same page. I admit, it's a bit ridiculous. It's totally worth it in the end though. I love having something to give me short goals to check off, and if the list itself looks fantastic when I check it then even better!

My facebook status on Sunday was: "looking at tons of different lists on Pinterest. i'm in nerd heaven. ♥"
Pinterest never fails me. I was in an organizational mood, and started searching for lists, and of course got so many great results. People make lists for everything! I made a board just for my favorites, and I'm going to share some of them with you now. 

Source: life's a journal via Victoria on  Pinterest
This is my favorite out of all that I looked at. This is the one that actually got me looking for lists to begin with. It's perfect, because I'm trying to get better organized with the start of the new year. I edited it in Picnik to include some of the things I do everyday, and printed it off 4 to a page. I'm trying to use it everyday, and it's already helping me stay on top of small tasks that I usually forget if I don't write them down. 

Source: Creating Keepsakes via Victoria on Pinterest

I love these kind of lists. I've seen 10 Photos for baby's first day and 10 Photos for your wedding day and all kinds of cute reminders of good photo opportunities that you'll cherish for years to come. 

Some of my favorite highlights from this particular list are kids bundled up to go outside in January, umbrellas and rain boots in April, and family members turning on Christmas lights in November.

Source: Organic Families via Victoria on Pinterest
This is something I'm keeping in mind for the future. I don't have any kids yet, and am not planning on that changing anytime soon, but I still love the ability to pin things on Pinterest that I can look back to when my situation changes. 

This set of lists was created by a mom of 6 children who'd struggled with many other job charts. She finally had some success after coming up with these. Each kid has a different room every week and on Saturdays she hands out the cards and they all get to work. They earn points for completed tasks, and can trade those points in after some accumulation for various rewards.

I think this is a great plan, and definitely plan to implement something like this with my future children.

Source: Amazon via Victoria on Pinterest

These are some of the most common types of lists. I like things like this, but never find it very practical for me. There's always so much on the pre-printed lists that I don't ever use or need, so it just feels overwhelming to me. 

I know they're great for other people though, and I've thought of creating my own customized with things I do actually use. For now I'll just stick with my multi-color handwritten lists. lol.

I'm going to leave you with a more humorous list that I found. I feel like most of these really are true, and I even laughed at loud at a couple of them. Hope you enjoy it as well. :)

Source: stillshesings.tumblr.com via Victoria on Pinterest

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  1. I'm making a list of why this post is awesome... not color-coded or anything. But I'm still proud of it.