Avocado Bacon Swiss Grilled Cheese

I've been wanting something with avocado for a while lately, and had the idea to put it on a grilled cheese. Well, I decided that a normal grilled cheese wasn't gonna do it for me, and started thinking of things to add to it. I really enjoyed what I ended up with.

An avocado, bacon, and swiss grilled cheese.
It also had a bit of cheddar and some grilled onions.

I grilled the onions with some butter on the griddle and cooked the bacon (In the oven. I burn it on the stove every time.)

When the bacon finished cooking I started the grilled cheese. I just split the toppings between the two pieces of bread and put the sandwich together when the outside was done. It ended up being so good. I love the taste of the bacon with the avocado. So delicious! This is my new favorite version of grilled cheese. Can't wait to make it again.

And has anyone ever grown an avocado tree from the pit? My mom always did this when she had avocados, but I don't remember it ever actually getting past the root stage. I decided to try it on my own. 
 This e-how page has good information about how to do it. I know it won't ever make fruit, but I'm excited to try and start my own house plant.

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  1. Anything with bacon and an avocado is over the top! I've got some avocados, I may just have to try this one!

  2. That looks absolutely delicious ... you really can't go wrong with bacon and avocado!